Ryukyu-Mura Tours Japan

Ryukyu-Mura is a village located in Kunigami area in Onna-gun. Located in the village gives you the opportunity to get to know more closely the various traditional culture that is typical of Okinawa.

Ranging from the traditional candy, sugar cane juice, make shiisa (Lion statue), message board, batik, ceramic making, as well as traditional instruments, you can try in a visit to the Ryukyu-Mura. Schedule a visit in July-September was from 9:00-18:00. While in October-November, you can visit from 8:30-17:30.

Taste the typical cuisine of Okinawa as well as sea grapes, tofu, mozuku, Blue Seal Ice, and parfait, made from local fruits.

Access to the Ryukyu-Mura you can use bus from Okinawa or Ryukyu, heading towards Nago. Long the journey about 1 hour. If you are visiting by car from Naha airport, take route via Japan National Route 58 headed northwards as far as 30 kilometers. This journey also takes 1 hour.

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